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Every home and business needs to be properly maintained and cared for to ensure its longevity and safety. Fortunately, if your property requires a few improvements or repairs, you don’t have to handle the job all by yourself. Simply call Mister Help and let our qualified and experienced handyman professionals handle the job for you. We are based in Tucson, AZ, and we provide top-notch plumbing repair, electrical repair, framing services, and other professional services to our customers. Schedule an appointment with us now!

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What We Offer

Property Interior Work

Property Interior Work

Our dependable handymen are always ready to help you repair and improve your property interior. If you need to fix your bathroom plumbing or make improvements to your interior door framing, make sure to contact us.
Property Exterior Work

Property Exterior Work

Aside from working on property interiors, we can also help you fix and beautify your siding, roofing, hardscaping, and other exterior features. Learn more about our property exterior work by reaching out to our team today.
Plumbing Repair

Plumbing Repair

We have the expertise and know-how to handle all types of plumbing jobs. If you're having trouble with your plumbing system, or if you want to replace your old plumbing fixtures, don't hesitate to use our handyman service.
Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair

We don't just handle plumbing repairs — we also specialize in electrical work! With our expertise, we can quickly troubleshoot your electrical system and perform the required repairs to make it functional and efficient again.
Framing Services

Framing Services

We have extensive experience and training in both residential and commercial framing, and our team uses modern methods along with quality materials to provide property owners with durable framing that will last for years.
Roofing Services

Roofing Services

If you're dealing with a leaky roof, or if you've noticed that your roof is sagging in the middle, contact us. We'll handle all roofing repairs and replacements from start to end, leaving our customers with nothing to worry about.
Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Having an elegant and well-maintained landscape is the key to boosting your property's curb appeal. Don't worry since creating the ideal landscaping is easy if you'll hire us! Take advantage of our landscaping solutions today!

Why Should You Get the Help of Experts?

Many people choose to repair their property and tackle home improvement projects all by themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, before you’ll jump into a DIY project, remember that it requires not just plenty of time and effort but also advanced skills and special equipment. If you’re not fully confident in your DIY skills, or if your free time isn’t enough to focus on a DIY project, it’s best to hire experts like us. By using our complete handyman service, you can improve your home or business and make it more beautiful and functional — while avoiding the hassle and stress that DIY projects often bring.

How We Deliver Our Solutions

As a reliable handyman service provider, we use advanced techniques to deliver world-class plumbing, electrical, framing, and landscaping services to our customers and guarantee their satisfaction. We also use special equipment and tools to finish all tasks in a fast and efficient way while still maintaining the highest possible level of service quality and providing exceptional results to property owners.

Mister Help is the right company to approach if you need a dependable yet affordable handyman service in Tucson, AZ. Get in touch with us today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Jared Sheppard on Mister Help
They Always Do an Excellent Job

I have been using their affordable handyman service for some time now. They have done several jobs for me and they always do an excellent job. I will continue to hire their team because they are always professional and friendly.

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